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Thursday, April 27, 2017 ..:: Ounce of Protection ::..
 The Ounce of Protection Plan Minimize

Ounce of Protection is our annual maintenance program for our customer's homes. Through the years of specializing in custom homes on Lake Champlain, we have been able to observe the performance of our initial paint jobs and provide "as-needed" paint maintenance.  More and more we began to hear from our customers who really would like to have their windows, porches and decks checked and maintained more frequently.  The traditional model has been to repaint your house about every five years. It seemed so obvious that there had to be a better way, and as always, our customers were right. With this concept, costs are reduced because paint failures are avoided through more frequent maintenance.

We have many customers who prefer this plan for interior and exterior paint maintenance. The benefit: you can be assured priority service in before and/or after the peak summer season when you don't want to be bothered.  The Topcoat professionals will service the higher maintenance items on your home while respecting your landscape features.  Custom scheduling allows you to have the services performed with no inconvenience to your summer social gatherings.  If services are required that are not available through Topcoat, we will make the necessary arrangements to bring in the appropriate professionals.

Through this service, we advise clients and provide services to protect their home value while ensuring consistent visual enhancement.  All it takes to keep house paint looking and performing well is a little annual maintenance. It’s that simple. 

This year, we have been busier than ever in our pre-Memorial Day maintenance visits, preparing our customer's homes for the season.  

Ounce of Protection promotes:

  • Convenience – No calling around for estimates and schedules
  • Value – Lower costs spread over time
  • Keeping your home out of the cycle of coatings failure 

For more information on Ounce of Protection, contact us at info@topcoatfinishes.com.  We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your home maintenance and aesthetic needs.

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